Lee Cotter will continue to fight and be an independent voice for the values that matter most to New Mexicans. A leader who isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, Lee Cotter will work to protect and grow our small businesses, keep our families safe and ensure a better future for New Mexico.

Improving Public Education

  • Lee wants to put more money in the classroom and less in administrative costs
  • Lee supports school choice. Parents should have options when it comes to their children’s education including public, private, charter and homeschooling.
  • Lee wants to end social promotion- passing children who haven’t acquired the necessary skills onto the next grade is irresponsible and hurts them in the long run
  • Lee wants to improve and increase our state’s graduation rates

Growing Our Economy

  • Lee wants to reduce job killing regulations and cut government red tape for our small businesses
  • Lee will lower taxes and make sure hard-working families keep more of what they earn
  • Lee wants to simplify and reform our tax code
  • Lee supports making New Mexico a Right to Work state; our workforce should be able to choose whether or not they wish to join a union
  • Lee supports a trained and prepared workforce, including vocational training
  • Lee wants to push back on frivolous lawsuits that are crippling our small businesses
  • Lee supports our agriculture industry in the Mesilla Valley
  • Lee wants to internationalize our states economy by supporting trade and exports at our Southern Border

Ensuring Safer Communities

  • Lee supports reinstating the death penalty as punishment to the most violent criminals, including child murders and cop-killers
  • Lee supports tougher DWI penalties on repeat offenders
  • Lee supports protecting our border against human and drug trafficking
  • Lee believes we should support our law enforcement by giving them every tool necessary to protect our community

Protecting Our Individual Liberties

  • Lee is pushing back on overreach from our federal government, including private property rights
  • Lee is fighting federal regulation that is limiting our ranchers and farmers use of land
  • Lee supports our right to bear arms and is a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment